We provide our clients with complete data processing service of any difficulty level, which includes all stages from survey design to final mapping.

The following is the list of data processing standard services, which KM Geophysics is providing:

Total field magnetic data

  • Preliminary filtering and despiking
  • Diurnal corrections and leveling
  • Tie-line leveling and final decorrugation
  • Preliminary mapping

EM data

  • Filtering and leveling
  • Compensation
  • B-field calculation from dB/dt
  • Apparent resistivity calculation
  • Preliminary mapping

Other services

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) calculations
  • Coordinate conversions
  • Warping and georeferencing the data
  • Quality control and analysis

It is our philosophy that preliminary data processing should be completed within three days upon survey completion. Our data processors have experience with magnetic, resistivity, EM, gravity and radiometric airborne geophysical data and previous affiliations with companies such as Fugro Airborne Surveys; Aeroquest, Ltd; Geotech, Ltd and PGS. We use Geosoft  database as our standard working format and all the data is being imported and processed using Oasis Montaj standard tools or/and our in-house programs.

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