Data interpretation can be done based on the task provided by the client and can be applied to geophysical surveys of any size. We are experts in interpreting airborne magnetic and EM data (frequency and time domain), down-hole data and MT/VLF/CSAMT data. We are capable of doing complete geologic, groundwater, geotechnical or environmental interpretation and providing our clients with highest standard 43-101 assessment reports completed by P.Geo. Below is a list of standard interpretational products:

Magnetic standard products

  • 3D Magnetic inversion
  • 3D magnetic forward modeling
  • Reduction to magnetic pole/equator
  • Vertical and horizontal derivatives
  • Tilt derivatives
  • Euler deconvolution
  • Upward/downward continuation

EM standard products

  • Conductivity/resistivity Depth Imaging
  • Maxwell plate modeling
  • EMIGMA modeling
  • Anomaly picking
  • Apparent resistivity/conductivity gridding
  • Time constant calculations and analysis
  • Target electrical conductance calculation (based on half-space, vertical cylinder, thick plate, sphere or oblique spheroid approximations)

Custom mapping is also available at additional costs including 3D imaging in Geosoft, ArcGIS, GoCad compatible products and composite cross-sections.

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