The key factor in successful geophysical survey is correctly designed and professionally carried out data acquisition. Our staff members have vast experience in geophysical survey design, data acquisition and all levels of processing, including Total Field Magnetics (cesium vapor magnetometers, proton precession magnetometers, fluxgate magnetometers); DC Resistivity (Supersting 2D and 3D arrays), Induced Polarization ; Frequency and Time Domain EM surveys (including Max-Min, EM31, EM34, EM38, PROTEM, TEM47, TEM67, GEM-300, etc).

Data acquisition is designed, carried out and supervised by highly trained professionals: geophysicists and geologists with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our field personnel are trained to proceed with surveying in extreme terrains, including Rocky Mountains in BC and Yukon, desert, tundra, swamp and dense forest conditions. Most of our crew members have international experience including USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Libya, Russia, and Kazakhstan and have successfully completed Work Environment Safety and Health programs.

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