Electromagnetic (EM) surveys recover the ability of the subsurface to conduct electric currents. This methodology employs the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The measurements are indirect and usually involve recording the components of secondary magnetic field, induced by “eddy currents” in the subsurface. Several methods also involve measurements of the time-varying electrical fields (magnetotelllouric and CSAMT) soundings. EM surveying can be carried out in either frequency or time domain. The sounding effect is achieved either by studying the relationships of transient EM fields at different time steps, or field behaviour as a function of frequency.

Both: frequency domain measurements and time domain measurements can be applied to solve mining, environmental and geotechnical problems. EM surveying and interpretation of EM data is the core emphasis of our consulting expertiese. Please refer to the publications page for an overview of our capabilities to interpret and conduct EM surveys.

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