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Welcome to KM Geophysics

KM Geophysics is a geophysical consulting company, specializing in detailed state of the art interpretation of geophysical data, including geophysical inversion of electromagnetic, DC resistivity, total field magnetic, gravity and radiometric data. Our expertise can be applied to mining, environmental and geotechnical projects.

Our services include any level of data processing and interpretation from processing raw geophysical data in the field to final mapping and reporting (including 43-101 assessment reports, produced by P.Geo).

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Recent Publication, Feb 2012

Kaminski, V.Oldenburg,D., (2012) The geophysical study of Drybones kimberlite using 3D Time Domain EM Inversion and 3D ZTEM inversion algorithms, 22-nd ASEG International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Extended Abstract, Brisbane, Australia, 26-29 February 2012, p.

Recent Publication, Dec 2011

Kaminski, V.,Prikhodko.A.,Oldenburg,D., (2011) Using low frequency E-field profiling and UBC 3D frequency-domain inversion to delineate and discover a mineralized zone in Porcupine district, Ontario, Canada, SEG annual meeting, Extended abstract, San Antonio, TX, USA, 4 p.1262-1266.

Recent Publication, Mar 2012

Davis, K., Oldenburg,D.Kaminski, V., Pilkington, M., Bryman, D., Bueno, J., Liu, Z., Joint 3D inversion of muon tomography and gravity data, SEG-CGS 2011 meeting, Beijing, China, proceedings 4 pp.